Why choose Mancroft Learning?

  • I have personal experience of dyslexia from my own childhood diagnosis, so I can fully appreciate, on a personal level, just how difficult reading, writing, spelling and remembering things can be. This makes me highly empathetic with with learners’ challenges’ but also familiar with the many positive characteristics of dyslexia.
  • I also have specialist knowledge of the condition through my academic experience as well as from working with children, young people and adults from differing backgrounds and varying literacy related difficulties.
  • I am patient, professional and approachable and happy to travel to assess and tutor at your child’s school.
  • When I tutor I use a highly specialist multi-sensory literacy program developed by Educational Psychologists at Dyslexia Action. This structured intervention breaks down the complexities of the English language, making the learning of each linguistic aspect both fun and engaging. It is designed to support the child’s ability to retain the the knowledge they are gaining whilst encouraging them to develop independent learning strategies which can be applied to other aspects of their life.
  • I have seen dramatic improvements in the learners I have worked with, in both their attainment levels and their confidence towards their abilities.

Please contact me for an informal, no obligation chat about how I can help.



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