How can I help my child with dyslexia?

We’re often asked “How can I help my child with dyslexia?”

If you suspect your child is dyslexic:

The first thing to do is to gain a good understanding of what dyslexia is, and how it can affect your child. You can find plenty of information by clicking here.

Next you need to speak with their school – Teachers and teaching assistants are experienced at looking out for the indicators of dyslexia and will have a clear insight into how your child is doing academically.

If the teachers have said there isn’t any problem but you are still concerned, contact me for an informal, no obligation chat.

If the teachers have noticed your child demonstrating dyslexia traits , the next step is to get in touch with me and I can arrange to come to your child’s school or college and carry out a diagnostic assessment. This will provide a greater understanding of your child’s specific cognitive strengths and weaknesses and confirm whether or not your child is dyslexic. Based on the results, arrangements can be made to ensure your child receives appropriate, targeted support.

Should your child require one to one literacy tuition to support their learning then contact me.



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