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I am a dyslexic, dyslexia specialist from Norfolk, UK. I have been shocked and saddened by the lack of understanding of dyslexia, the low proportion of children being given the right level of support – academically and emotionally and by the fact that dyslexic individuals are still seen as being at a disadvantage. Whilst the current education system can mean that dyslexic children still face a great deal of challenges at school they have so much to offer the world and this needs to be recognised and celebrated!

By applying my expertise to identify the specific needs of your child I can help ensure they get the support they need.

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I offer online and in-person help and support to ensure your child receives the right support for them

Online Services:

Dyslexia Screenings are computerised, child friendly and scientifically .  Areas covered include phonological processing, auditory sequential memory and phonics decoding skills. For younger children the screening tool looks at visual verbal memory instead of phonics decoding skills. 

Also included in the cost is a telephone or Zoom post results consultation as well as a short report of the results which will be emailed.


The Pre Assessment Report uses information gathered from you the parent, from staff at your child’s school and from your child themselves along with the results from a scientifically robust dyslexia screening tool. This report not only identifies the likelihood of your child being dyslexic and explains how that conclusion was reached but also provides a comprehensive list of recommendations for how you and your child’s school can meet your child’s learning needs.

Whilst it this doesn’t specifically diagnose dyslexia, it is a proven way to get targeted support for your child and help you, your child and their school teachers better understand how your child learns.

Again, a post results consultation via telephone or Zoom and emailed report are both included in the cost.

A previous client have had this to say:

“I spoke to my son’s SENCO yesterday and they are going to put in place at school everything you recommended in the Pre-Assessment Report! Thank you.”

Julia Wright, October 2020


An Evaluation of Need, goes one step further than the Pre-Assessment Report in identifying your child’s difficulties. In addition to the background information gathered from you the parent, the school and from your child, it also includes an assessment of attainment (specific literacy skills) and certain relevant cognitive abilities via a Zoom call.

Although this report cannot diagnose dyslexia, it can identify which specific areas of learning your child finds particularly challenging and produces an even more detailed recommendations for how you and your child’s school can best meet your child’s specific learning needs.


In-Person Services:

Full Diagnostic Dyslexia Assessments are able to confirm whether or not an individual has dyslexia. A detailed written report based on the results is provided including recommendations as to how school staff, other agencies, parents and they themselves can support their academic development.

Each assessment report will include:

  • Summary of assessment report findings
  • Summary of background information from home and school/college, including history of support at school/college
  • Detailed interpretation of test results, including:
    • General ability
    • Attainments in reading, spelling, writing
    • Cognitive processing skills, e.g. memory, phonological awareness, speed of phonological processing, etc.
    • Conclusion – a holistic view of assessment findings
    • Table of test scores
  • Essential recommendations for supporting the learner:
    • At home
    • In the classroom
    • Access arrangements in exams (if appropriate)
    • Specialist teacher/tutor support (if appropriate)

Full details of all the tests used in the session will be included for reference. 

If the individual is entering Higher Education, the report will be tailored to meet the requirements of the university and to access a Disabled Students Allowance (DSA).


In person tuition* – I am a highly qualified dyslexia tutor offering a high quality, structured approach to teaching all aspects of literacy skills using multi-sensory techniques, which have been developed to work in line with the dyslexic mind to overcome the challenges faced with reading, writing, spelling and memory.

*Currently no availability.

Previous clients have had this to say:

“I spoke to my son’s SENCO yesterday and they are going to put in place at school everything you recommended in the Pre-Assessment Report! Thank you.”

Julia Wright, October 2020

“I used Mancroft Learning for my sons full diagnostic assessment. We couldn’t be happier with our choice. The process was explained throughout, the assessment although lengthy was made enjoyable by Zoë. The assessment report was really informative and explains all the tests. Zoë has also been a great help with recommendations and always quick to reply to a text or call. Highly recommended.”

Catherine Unsworth, October 2020

“Zoë, from Mancroft Learning, provided excellent support for pupils who were having difficulties with their reading. She not only helped them make progress but she also helped raise their self esteem. She provided a very professional service.”

Maureen Burns Acting Head of Alburgh and Denton Primary School, January 2020

“Zoë’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge was so inspiring, making the experience exciting rather than daunting. So pleased that we decided to get her involved in our journey towards learning more about the opportunities dyslexia can bring.”

Kate Everett, December 2019

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