Research and development of PAGS®

Research on PAGS

PAGS® has been trialled in schools and colleges in the UK and Belgium. It has been trialled on individual cases with ages 5-25y and on neurotypical children and adults. The assessment has been presented at European Conferences and in September 2019 at the 12th International Autism Congress as a Poster Presentation.

Who developed PAGS?

Feliciea Jibson MEd initiated the concept of PAGS®. She is a qualified teacher with 17 years of experience working with students on the autistic spectrum and challenging behaviours. Feliciea was the Lead Teacher at a Centre of Excellence for students with severe and profound learning difficulties, autism, physical disabilities and complex medical needs.

June Hill BSc Speech Therapy is an Independent Speech and Language Therapist. She has developed practical communication intervention strategies for parents and professionals dealing with autism and is a highly recognised practitioner who has designed and implemented therapy programmes and training in her own clinic as well as specialist and mainstream schools. June also completes assessments and reports for tribunals in the UK.

Nazia Ansari B. Ed is an inclusive education consultant with 14 years of experience in the field of special education. She has taken on leadership roles in a range of settings and has been actively involved in the development of resources for assessment and goal setting for neurodiverse learners in the UK and in Kenya.

Dr Kwan Bruhl, PhD, is a clinical and cognitive-behavioural psychologist. She has extensive experience in Psycho-educational assessments for children and adolescents and is a specialist in autistic spectrum disorders and social skills training for children and adolescents with Asperger syndrome in Belgium. She was the head of a specialist provision for complex communication difficulties at a mainstream secondary school in the UK. She is frequently a keynote speaker at international conferences.

Two experienced Speech and Language Therapists from the UK and Belgium who specialised in assessment and treatment service for children and young adults who have communication difficulties have also contributed.

PAGS® is now a continuing collaboration with a body of professionals,

pooling a wealth of experience.



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