PAGS® Testimonials

“In my view producing a questionnaire type test that is designed to highlight the strengths in order to produce an overall profile of the Child is a major step forward. It is consistent with the demand for a personalised approach to Intervention which targets the specific needs of each individual child, as advocated by the Rochford review 2017. The approach is firmly embedded within the concept of achieving small steps in order to make progress in line with SEND.”  Review of PAGS®, June 2019, Emeritus Professor Angela Fawcett

“It is felt that the reason for the very significant improvement in his skills is due to the work on the underlying skills that Sean had not acquired at an earlier age. Being able to fill in the gaps of knowledge and skill shown by the PAGS® enabled Sean to use the higher-level abilities that he had but was unable to access”. June Hill, Speech and Language Therapist, Southampton

“PAGS is a user-friendly screening instrument which enables students to improve their life skills. Guided by teachers, students take responsibility for their own learning-process.” Tally Nuytten, director at Sint-Jozef OV4, Belgium, June 2019

“PAGS® has proven to be a useful tool in supporting learners to accessing the curriculum by highlighting crucial areas to be developed for a learner to enjoy a successful schooling experience.” Nazia Ansari, B. Ed. (Special Education), Inclusive Education Consultant, July 2019

“It has enabled me to get a better picture of where my son’s difficulties lie. A very handy tool for any parent, teacher or specialist who work with children and who have learning difficulties. The biggest advantage is that you can work on these issues much quicker. The quicker that these basic learning and life skills are taught and recognised, the quicker the child can be helped. Until now it’s taken us his whole primary school life to create a better understanding on the difficulties that my son has”. Karen Verbeeck, Belgium



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