About Zoë, Dyslexia Specialist Norfolk

I am a dyslexia specialist in Norfolk and Suffolk, qualified in assessing dyslexia and literacy related difficulties as well as tutoring dyslexic children and those who need additional literacy support.

Having been diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age, I have a personal understanding of both the challenges and advantages that dyslexia brings. I feel strongly that when given the right support and positive encouragement, dyslexic people of all ages can excel in confidence and academic attainment.

Through positive assessments and empowering tuition I help children, young people and adults to understand dyslexia, learn how to overcome the difficulties it can present and fulfil their potential through harnessing the extraordinary cognitive abilities that they possess.

I have a Masters Degree in Child Development and Learning and a Postgraduate Diploma in Dyslexia and Literacy, including an Assessment Practicing Certificate and Approved Practitioner Status from the British Dyslexia Association.

I am a professional member of The British Dyslexia Association (BDA) and an associate member of the Dyslexia Guild and the Professional Association of Teachers of Students with Specific learning difficulties (PATOSS).

I have been featured a number of times in the local media and am available for interview on topic relating to dyslexia.



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