”Sir Linkalot” – Award-winning app for spelling tricky words

Sir Linkalot is a fun and innovative award-winning app that is transforming how spelling is taught for hundreds of common exception words, all the way from was, two and they up to fulfil, manoeuvre and even onomatopoeia! It is achieving incredible results, especially for those children who find spelling an issue.
My three boys have used it and think it’s absolutely amazing. They can recall impossible words like diarrhoea months later and they’re all under 10!

To find out what it’s all about, please click on the following clip (you’ll be hooked when the boy says ‘I was terrible at it’).

Other material includes the rest of the technical side of literacy: homophones, punctuation, grammar, rules, patterns and etymology as told by the resident word detective Lady Lexicographer (aka Countdown’s Susie Dent).
Here’s an example of a Susie Story for the word ‘Biscuit) plus Sir Linkalot’s spelling trick for it…


In January, Sir Linkalot won the  ‘Best Educational App’ award at this year’s Bett Show in London – the world’s largest Edtech exhibition. Take a look at this clip of Sir Linkalot and Susie recently ‘out and about’ (watch out for some dance moves that his daughter wasn’t happy about!).
Many dyslexia associations endorse the approach as, it’s proven, that visual resources are the most powerful way to commit something to memory.
This recent Facebook post pays testament to that:
I am absolutely blown away by this spelling technique! As a dyslexic teacher, I know this is going to be absolute gold for my pupils. The best thing I’ve seen in years and I can’t wait to share it with them. Thank you Sir Linkalot for this wonderful gift.”.
You can see many more testimonials below including a few from parents during the lockdown, children and teachers below👇

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Plus fantastic new bundles are getting uploaded on a regular basis with other subjects to follow, starting with Maths in 2021.  Linking knows no bounds!
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Hold on to your hats as this is

a genuine game-changer!

Read the numerous testimonials below 👇


Testimonials from Parents

This is by far the best app we have downloaded to use for home-schooling. I will definitely buy a subscription afterwards. My son LOVES using it and will choose it over all other activities. He loves the animations and remembers them straightaway. We did a spelling test at the end of the first week and he got 59/60. At school, he would get about 2/10. It is also easy for me as he can work independently. But, then I get jealous when I hear him laughing at all the animations and so I have to come and watch it too! Even his teenage sister is interested although she pretends she’s not. Who knew that spelling could be so much fun!? “

“If any parent is reading this review and wondering whether to give this app a go….DO! I am in no way connected to this app so it’s an entirely impartial review. I feel incredibly grateful that it was made free to access during this time of schooling from home. My 8 year old twins and 5 year old (and even ,my 2 year old!) love it: the humour is pot on but it doesn’t dumb down as the Lady Lexicographer snippets are brilliant and Sir Linkalot uses lots of factual stuff in his links for example geography. I really enjoy doing it with them and learning too! I hope you love it as much as we do!”

 “This app has really helped my daughter with her spelling – the first time we’ve ever found a strategy that works. She’s now learning to come up with her own ‘links’ to remember tricky spellings”

 “This is great for people like me as I’m Polish. My Spanish friend and I really struggle with understanding the rules of the English language (are there any??). Linking is a fantastic idea. Well done!”  

“Since using the app, my Year 2 daughter can now spell ALL the red word spellings – pretty amazing actually particularly since just 2 days ago she struggled with about 90% of them! Thanks again, very enjoyable and a great way to learn.”

“Sir Linkalot reminds me of pirates getting excited trying to decipher treasure maps or codebreakers at Bletchley Park.  I’ve no excuse for forgetting anything again. Oh dear.”

 Children’s feedback 

”The things that it has helped me with the most is me. I used to be really sad going to school because I struggled so much and no one could explain to me what everything meant. Mummy bought me the Sir Linkalot app and I LOVE IT! I use it at home all the time. My friends and I play with it too! My Grandpa loves it too. He was never taught to read or write so he thinks it’s great!!
My spellings have really changed but ‘linking’ has also helped me at drama with my lines, helping other friends in class and I just feel so much better about everything! Everyone always asks me for help now if they get stuck because they know I know a way! “

“I never knew the difference between things and people would laugh at me because I was behind at class. Now I get asked to help in class and I love being able to help because I know how it feels to find things so hard. I love school now and I feel much more confident, I just LOVE IT so much! Thank you Sir Linkalot. ” (11 year old girl)

“I hate spellings. I thought it was going to be boring. I really love it and remember so much”  (8 year old child)

 “It makes spelling fun. I see the animations when I write the words “(Year 5 child with ASD & ADHD whose score went from 9 to 21)

“It will helps loads of people like me because it finds the tricky bits and makes you remember them” (Year 5 child with dyslexia tendencies whose score in the case study went from 13/25 to 25/25)


Schools and Educational specialists’ testimonials

“The Sir Linkalot spelling app had an extraordinary impact on the children from the moment we implemented it and introduced it into our curriculum. The results we achieved were phenomenal, 99% of the 440 children improved their test scores after interacting with the app and from no child getting 20 out of 20 before Sir Linkalot, 68 of them got full marks when re-tested 2 weeks later.

 “It is a genuine thrill to see the children, many of whom have struggled with spelling previously, achieve success whilst also having fun. We are now working with the children on how they can apply these spellings into their written work, but we only have to remind them of the SL animation or mnemonic and they remember straight away. We just have to whisper “What would Sir Linkalot say?” and it comes back to them.”

“We have also now integrated the spelling rules, homophones and punctuation bundles into our learning and teaching planning and they too are proving to be an excellent resource and a fantastic way for children to remember things that are often tricky for them. One final bonus is the success achieved by pupils with SEND, by working one to one with them on some of the Level 1 bundles they are overcoming barriers that once may have proved unsurmountable. I cannot recommend the app highly enough”

(John Lear, Headteacher @ West Leigh Junior School, Essex)

 “I am absolutely blown away by this spelling technique! As a dyslexic teacher, I know this is going to be absolute gold for my pupils. The best thing I’ve seen in years and I can’t wait to share it with them. Thank you Sir Linkalot for this wonderful gift” (Alison Walters – Facebook post)

“Thanks for this wonderful resource. I can’t wait to embed & embrace it”  (Yr 6 teacher)

 “ALL of the children find it really great fun – it’s brought the enjoyment back and enables them to learn spellings together, at the same pace, as well as consolidating their learning at home. It is visual and witty which the children (and adults!) really enjoy. I find the ‘lightbulb moment’ particularly rewarding and there is at least one child with that moment’ in each spelling session – it links and stays”  (Year 5 teacher)

“My class find spellings quite boring but they loved the short, snappy video links and were able to relay each step when asked to spell the word. I was astonished at the improvements in such a short space of time (1 week). The children were shown seven words a day- after they spelt each word I asked them to explain the link – which they could do with confidence, step by step. Who would ever have thought the whole of my class could spell onomatopoeia!” (Year 6 teacher)

“I have approached spelling in a similar way with necessary, embarrass, accommodation, familiar and other words but it’s on a white board with my terrible drawings. To be able to cover 20 words in such detail in five sessions is a gift.” (Secondary school Literacy Coordinator)  

 “The children were not only able to spell the word but they could put it in to a sentence . This is unusual as I would generally spend a fortnight securing a target word at word level before putting it into context for a spelling assessment” (Primary SENCO)

“Sir Linkalot is one of the most innovative and refreshing new concepts to come on the market. Some of the principles of how it works are not new, but what linking does is to push those spelling and memory techniques to levels that other programmes daren’t tackle. It is helping dyslexic children to develop their own ‘links’ and strategies to deal with the big complicated words as well as throwing some light on the smaller ‘usual suspects’. A fantastic new tool for the specialist teacher’s tool box”. (Barbara Yandell, Nottinghamshire Dyslexia Association)

“Andy Salmon has something to offer in terms of raising standards in our schools.”  (Chris McGovern, Chairman of ‘Campaign for Real Education)

“Sir Linkalot is a very interesting resource, a fascinating and fun means of memorising and visualising words. Anxiety over spelling can really sap people’s confidence in their own literacy and these linking methods are a tremendous way to boost confidence and literacy in an enjoyable, meaningful way.”

(Michael Rumbelow, Skillswise, BBC)

“Andy Salmon is a passionate and talented communicator who has come up with an engaging and interesting product. He and ‘linking’ come highly recommended.”(Gareth Mann, History Master & Assemblies Co-ordinator, Eton College)

 “Andy’s use of mnemonics in this way is a great idea.”

(Ruth Miskin, CBE, founder of the hugely successful ‘Read,Write, Inc’ programme)

 “Sir Linkalot has really captured the audience like I have never seen. Many children who are really struggling with education bought in to it immediately, joining in whenever they could. Even a few potential ‘Permanent Exclusion’ are participating which, quite frankly, blew me away. I strongly believe this will be able to help them where other resources have failed.” (Stephen Price, Assistant Head Oasis Academy Mayfield, Southampton).


“Sir Linkalot will feature as a tool that we’ll continue to use throughout the KS3 Curriculum.” (Claire Butterly, Year 7 Learning Coach, Folkestone Academy)

“We will certainly be implementing Sir Linkalot’s linking strategies in class as it’s a very useful tool for learning for everyone, at all key stages, for life!” (Sandy Taylor, Enrichment Coordinator, Slinfold Primary)

“We now see the word ‘linking’ in candidates’ lesson plans!”  (Helene Agnew, Manager at STEPS (Specific Learning Difficulties Project, Greenwich)

“Linking has taken on a whole new meaning in the girls’ vocabulary.” (Susie Worthington, headmistress at Haberdashers Aske for Girls, Junior School)

“Linking encourages children to take responsibility for their own learning” (Clare Bower, Head of Juniors, Northcote Lodge Prep school, Battersea)

“I was delighted to see many severely dyslexic students having the confidence to spell words out loud for the first time in front of their peers who would never normally attempt anything like this.”  (Joan Colby, Head of Learning Support, Balby Carr, Doncaster)

“The Year 9s were really excited to tell me all about Linking. I decided to play devil’s advocate and ask if anyone doesn’t enjoy the app or find it useful and not one of them raised their hand. Fantastic!” (Carlene Barnett, Head of KS3 Literacy, Twynham, Dorset)

 “It really helps to get the parents involved to help embed ‘linking’ in our learning at school and home. It’s a very useful tool to have in the teaching and learning kit.” (Paul Cheetham, Headmaster, Willington Prep School, Wimbledon)

 “Pupils from Year 2 to 12 are devising their own methods based on the idea of linking” (Alex McGrath, Deputy Headmaster, Trent College)

Author: Zoë Brown

I am a dyslexia specialist, qualified in assessing dyslexia and literacy related difficulties as well as tutoring dyslexic children and those who need additional literacy support. Having been diagnosed as dyslexic at an early age, I have a personal understanding of both the challenges and advantages that dyslexia brings. I feel strongly that when given the right support and positive encouragement, dyslexic people of all ages can excel in confidence and academic attainment.

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