Dyslexia Specialists

Here to help you get the right support for your child.

Specialist Dyslexia Assessments

I am Zoë and I am here to help you secure the right educational support for your child. 

I am a professional assessor and an experienced dyslexia specialist. 

By applying my specialist knowledge and experience, I enable parents and teachers to understand dyslexia, overcome the difficulties it can present and develop their children’s and pupil’s self-confidence through utilising the extraordinary cognitive abilities that dyslexia brings.

If you are ready to book, simply click on the image above.  The only prerequisite is that the person you are booking the assessment for must have had an eye test in the last 2 years.  
If you want to discuss your child’s needs to find out if an assessment is appropriate then click here to arrange a free 15 minute consultation to help you make an informed decision.
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Dyslexia Assessments

The earlier in life a child’s cognitive strengths and areas of learning difficulty are identified, the sooner appropriate and effective support can be provided for them, to help them to keep up with their peers at school, develop self-awareness and maintain their sense of self esteem.

When a child is outwardly bright and yet shows signs of dyslexia such as (but not limited to):

Having difficulty following instructions
Having difficulty grasping phonic sounds, and reads slowly
Forgetting or confusing words or unable to recognise words that are familiar to them
Describing a story well verbally but having great difficulty expressing it on the page. 
Having poor comprehension skills often because reading is so challenging
Confusing right and left
Having clear difficulties processing information
Appearing to be disorganised

then it is clear that an assessment is needed.

At the assessment your child will be guided through tasks to examine their overall ability, verbal and visual abilities, and memory, as well as reading, comprehension, spelling, writing, and mathematics.  On the whole children and young people (and adults for that matter) find the assessment enjoyable and interesting. There are a number of fun word games and activities involved, although as it typically lasts for around three hours it can be a tiring experience.

Once the assessment has finished the assessor will critically analyse the results of each test, look carefully for any patterns of strengths or weaknesses and together with all the other information they gathered, make a diagnostic decision. They will usually get the full, in-depth report to you within a few weeks of the assessment.  

You and your child will receive a clear understanding of their specific educational needs as well as a diagnostic decision, (where appropriate) plus recommendations for your child’s teachers now and in the future so they know how best to help your child learn and flourish.

The Assessment costs £450, takes three hours and provides lasting benefits.

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On this site there is a blog which is a regally updates source of information, advice and tips to help you understand and support your child.

Knowing that dyslexia is a positive learning difference, Zoë, here at Mancroft Learning designed a poster to celebrate ‘Dyslexia Superstrengths’ you can have a look by clicking here.

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